Why is an energy storage system necessary for you?

What is all-in-1 solar ESS?

PowerOak ESS is the integrated solar power system with solar charge controller, AC-DC charger, lithium ion battery with advanced BMS, pure sine wave inverter with UPS function and other control circuits.

How does all-in-1 solar ESS work?

PowerOak ESS powers your home by the energy generated from solar panels or stored battery power from solar panels while there is abundant sunshine or utility grid while the electricity price is low, or it can also power your home by utility grid power directly in case battery power used out and sunshine is not available.

What can all-in-1 solar ESS do?

PowerOak ESS lowers your electricity bill and you can sell the exceeded solar energy to grid for profit. It offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup. Using the APP of smartphone, monitor your solar production anywhere, anytime. PowerOak makes you enjoy solar green energy and uninterrupted power supply.
Energy Storage is the development tendency.
The earlier encouragement policies stimulate the development of solar energy grid tied system and rooftop PV installation. But recently, more and more countries started lower FiT or even cancel FiT. ESS becomes installer’s demand. Poweroak all-in-1 ESS comes up for this background.

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